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We have extensive premises here in Te Awamutu, operating 38 machines that can sharpen a large variety of blades. We service a range of Abattoirs, Butcheries, Supermarkets, Home-kills, Rendering Plants and Poultry customers nationwide.

“I’m super proud of the team we have at Courier Sharpening Ltd and the quality work they produce, it certainly puts us as a leader in the industry and in my humble opinion, second to none!”

Courier Sharpening™ specialises in cutting edge solutions for the sharpening and supply of all grinding, cutting and slicing blades used in the food industries throughout New Zealand.

Our comprehensive sharpening service ensures your blades are collected via courier, sharpened according to manufacturers specifications and returned immediately, keeping your production disruption to a minimum. This is backed up by our full replacement parts service focused on providing the highest quality crafted blades selected from precision manufacturers in Germany, the United Kingdom and the United States of America. 

Courier Sharpening History

Courier Sharpening Ltd was originally established in 1985 by Chris Mowat-Smith. CSL was a sharpening service only; operating from just a mobile van with two machines, servicing a small number of supermarkets and butcher shops throughout Hamilton and the greater Waikato area.

Today Darren Pollard is the CEO and with 35 years’ experience in the Food industry. With his wealth of machinery and technical knowledge, Courier Sharpening continues to grow and support its customers on many levels. CSL has extensive premises in Te Awamutu, operating with 38 machines sharpening a large variety of blades. We service a range of Abattoirs, Butcheries, Supermarkets, Home-kills, Rendering Plants and Poultry customers nationwide

Darren’s friendship with Chris dates back to 1987 when he had a butcher shop in Hamilton and Chris would sharpen his knives in the back of a van. When Chris was diagnosed with Bowel Cancer, Darren joined CSL to help Chris in the day to day running so he could concentrate on his battle. Their goal was to be business partners but sadly Chris passed away in 2015.

His desire to problem solve; along with opportunities to improve the business, and a promise he made to Chris are what drives him.

“It’s amazing what can be achieved, when no one takes the credit,” and “Together, everyone achieves more,” are mottos he lives by.

Bowel Cancer Funding

In memory of Chris Mowat-Smith; every year in June, for one week we donate 100% of our household sharpening proceeds to Bowel Cancer NZ. 

Bowel Cancer is the second highest cause of cancer death in New Zealand. 1 in 6 New Zealanders are affected. Our donation goes toward vital cancer research that could help save hundreds of lives.


Darren Pollard - Courier Sharpening CEO
Darren Pollard

Courier Sharpening CEO

Chris Mowat-Smith - CSL Founder
Chris Mowat-Smith

CSL Founder

We pride ourselves on assisting our customers to consistently produce a high quality product for their markets at minimum cost to them.


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